Friday, June 11, 2010

photo friday IV

I promise that photo fridays will not always be all baseball pictures.  The season will soon be over and then I will have to find other things to take pictures of other things besides my boys at the baseball fields.
He is one happy Cleveland Indian.

This one wants to put on his baseball clothes at 8 am.

This shortstop is warming up.

Making the throw to first, although I would guess it is not preferable to have your eyes closed.

The cutest left fielder there ever was (until one of my other boys is a left fielder).

Chris likes me to post these pictures so he and his college friends can discuss things like "batting form."  This one is for you, Scott & Doug.

He is very serious about his batting.

I just love these boys...

Especially that one in the middle.

See!  We did something besides baseball... we went to the pool!

A reminder of why we named him "baby cry cry."  This picture, taken about 18 months ago, makes me a little sad.  These boys are sooo much bigger now.


Julie Ann Fee said...

I miss you guys so much. Thanks for posting all those pics! I could eat up your little boys they are so sweet.
I freaked out a little with the pic of nathan wondering when you had time to have a baby! Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks. Chris must be a proud papa of all these little athletes

nikki said...

that pic of you and boys on field is my favorite....all of these are so precious- no worries about posting too many baseball pics- they are fun!

Krista said...

These are all great-- though I LOVE all the baseball pics, the one with Graham jumping off the diving board is just cool.

Tina said...

Don't stop the baseball pics! Nothing cuter than little boys (or men, for that matter) in baseball form in baseball gear. If you're sad about them getting bigger, make sure to take at least 2 boxes of tissue to see Toy Story 3.