Saturday, January 24, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

Our Christmas Eve was wonderfully casual and laid back.  Chris had to work for part of the day.  We went to Costco to get a few things for our Christmas meal.  There's that excitement in the air, even at Costco.  Nathan could barely stand it, to wait ONE more day until Christmas.

We started a new Christmas tradition this year.  The boys really wanted to buy presents for each other.  They drew names and tried to keep it a secret from each other.  That only lasted about two days and there was much drama because the secrets didn't last long.  But after they all got over that, it was really fun.  They had a $25 limit and they were so into it.  It was sweet how much they really wanted to get their brothers exactly what they wanted.  Asher made a scavenger hunt for Joseph, so he had to find his present after three or four clues.  He planned this for weeks and was so excited, almost nervous for Joseph to get his gift.  All in all, it was a success and a fun new Christmas Eve tradition.

We had taco-in-a-bag this year for dinner.  The kids LOVED it and I loved how easy it was (and hardly any dishes to wash!).  The kids got cans of soda and made their taco bag.  That may become a new tradition as well.  Then we went to a late Christmas Eve service and tucked everyone and finished up preparations for Christmas at about 2:30 in the morning.  Christmas is tiring for the parents… whew!

Christmas morning… we are ready for you!

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