Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Layton and Kathryn {Engagement Photos}

When I met sweet Kathryn, she was only 12.  That was many years ago.
She has now grown into a fine young woman.

And just recently, this young man asked her to marry him.

Kathryn has been one of my kids' favorite babysitters for awhile now.  
She plays things with them, things like hide and seek and Candy Land.
We actually don't have many babysitters, and my kids every so often will ask me if they can have a babysitter.  I believe that to be a nice way of saying, "I'm tired of you, Mommy, and I want someone more fun to come play with me."  But I don't take it personally.  Kathryn IS more fun than me.

And gorgeous too :)

It's always strange to photograph people who cooperate with me.  I say, "Sit on this bench and look that way and smile."  And they do.  Amazing.

I really didn't know Layton at all before our mini session.  He comes from wonderful, Godly parents.  He loves the Lord.  He picked a lovely woman to marry.
But more importantly, he's very photogenic. (kidding)  This can sometimes be unusual for guys, so I'm very grateful for that.  Thank you, Layton.

Thanks for letting me photograph you.  
Wishing you many more years of laughing like this together.
I'm excited to see how God is honored from your lives merging together into one.

Congrats Kathryn and Layton!

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Krista Sanders said...

These are FANTASTIC!! Great job, Sarah!!