Monday, March 26, 2012

A Fun Friday... and Windows!

We take Fridays off school.  A couple of months ago, I bought a Groupon to Dinosaur World in Glen Rose, and it was about to expire.  On our way there, we stopped at the house to see what was going on.  The windows had arrived and were sitting like this in the back yard.

We spent hours agonizing over windows.  How many panes?  What color?  What kind?
And then one day, they just arrived... so fun.

[Sorry about the blurry picture]
Then it was off to Dinosaur World.  It's an hour away, and dinosaurs couldn't be any less exciting to me.  But I knew the boys would like it.  So I endured. 

These dinosaurs were very big.  As you can see.
You walk this nature trail and see all sorts of life size dinosaur replications.

The boys loved it.  I actually enjoyed it more than I thought it would.  The trail you walk was peaceful with pretty trees, and the park was fairly empty so we could run and make all sorts of noise.

They also have a fossil dig, so the boys all came back with three of their very own fossils.

Scary t-rex.

Then we headed back to the house.  This was the first time the boys were able to walk the upstairs.  They were very excited about seeing their room.  I was excited to walk mine as well :)

Graham the Builder?  Not quite as catchy as Bob the Builder.  As a side note, one of our builders is named Bob.  Whenever I crack the "Bob the Builder" joke, no one laughs.  I guess I'm the only one who finds it funny.  Maybe I'm the only one who's watched countless episodes of Bob the Builder.

Cry Cry the Builder?  No, they won't make a tv show out of that one either.

Believe it or not, he is almost always this smily.

Sweet and precious boys.

Smelling the cedar shake.  I love that smell.

"Toys" in the backyard.

And the windows were in already.  Amazing.  Then we topped it all off with a fun dinner at Chipotle with good friends.  A wonderful Friday was had by all.

As a side note, several people asked about these blocks.  I absolutely love them.  They are called Keva planks.  My kids play with them nearly every day.  This is one of Asher's creations.  He was testing out his architectual skills and attempting to replicate our new house.  He was doing such a good job, and then it was destroyed.  That's how things go around here.

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Ruth@GraceLaced said...

Your house is coming along so nicely! It will be such a blessing! My boys would be having a ball on the construction site too..."helping out." :)