Monday, March 5, 2012

The Foundation + Five on the 5th

So much has happened since my latest update.  I'll fill you in on the excitement in my posts later this week.
Where did we leave off?  Well, we were preparing for the slab to be poured.  It rained hard for a couple of days while we waited, but we continued to visit the lot and look nearly every day.

I'm fairly certain that girls don't do this when you ask them to pose for a photo.

Or this.

Or this.
Special thanks to our camouflaged friend who made that particular day all the more fun.

Then on February 15, I got this text.  "Urgent!  Just told that they are pouring your foundation and will be finished pouring by noon."  This is one of the benefits of having a great builder.  They let you know about fun things like this.  We quickly packed some snacks and headed over to the lot.
This is Will (on the left).  He's our builder.  More importantly, he's our friend.  When we arrived, he was already there checking things out.  The boys had a million questions for him.

This is what we saw.

And some very large trucks.

Very large.

They stood and stared for quite some time.  


The front porch.

Eating a banana while he watches all the commotion.

Smoothing out the cement.

Happy boys.

Fun jumping over the exposed sewage line.

We put the boys' handprints in the foundation before it dried.  
Nathan wasn't quite sure what we were doing.





All five of them.  And their ages under their handprint.

Our fearless builder.  So great to have him here for our big day.

My five on the 5th pictures for this month.  These are from the next day when it was dry enough to walk on.

Cute boys sitting on many future memories.


Niki said...

So exciting! I know your boys are loving all the big trucks, etc...

Theresa said...

I just found your blog via Clover Lane. I am so glad I did! I homeschool, too AND I can't wait to see the progress on your building! How exciting!!!

Laurie J said...

yay for a foundation! love the pics :)

Krista Sanders said...

You are making it such a great adventure for the kids!

Lori said...

Oh man. Seeing the boys putting their hand prints in the cement made me a little teary. PRECIOUS!