Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's... and a Valentine's Craft Night

This is our Valentine to friends.  We put these in an envelope with some candy.  
I was lacking any creative juices, but I still love seeing their smiling faces.

Now, on to crafting.

When it was my month to host Marmalade, at first I thought I wanted to make Chinese food.  Then I looked at my day and figured that was nearly impossible... with a full school day, and piano until 6:00, I had to make all the food ahead of time.  I knew that dinner had to be somewhat simple, the make-ahead kind.  So I thought it would be fun to make a Valentine's craft together.  When I saw this on Danielle's blog, I knew this was the one.  
This is Danielle's banner.  Don't you love it?

The hardest part for me was picking fabrics I thought everyone would like.  These girls know how to make and create beautiful things.  This is what I chose.  There is cooler fabric out there, but I limited myself to what was on sale at JoAnn's because I'm cheap :)

Table full of supplies.

Place cards at the table.

This was fun.  Watching everyone pick their fabric and paper colors.  Very intense.

It's strange to see grown women at my school table, which is normally filled with little boys.

The others were working at the counter.

Or the coffee table.  
I loved how the craft made people gather in little groups and discuss colors and ideas.  

We took a break and ate.  PW's vegetable lasagna and greek salad.  Panera bread.  All yummy.

And a cake specially made for 2 birthday girls.

Then it was back to work.

I think she watched a little too much Charlie's Angels growing up.

The first completed banner.

Love how each girl choose a different style...

This one took the cake.  Leslie just so happened to show up with a pink boa.  
Isn't it the perfect addition?

All in all, such a fun night.  It made me want to have people over to craft more.  

Speaking of crafting, have I told you I'm going to Craft Weekend in 3 days?  I can hardly believe it's almost here.  Time is flying.  It seems like long ago that signed up to go.

 What are you all doing tonight?  We plan on taking the kids to do this.
And I have the hankering to watch Sabrina, but I don't own it.  I may have to find it today.

Happy Valentine's Day to you!


Krista Sanders said...

Thanks for organizing this! It was such a fun night and really cool to take something pretty home. And who do you think out of that little group is most comfortable in front of the camera?? We love you, Kieta!
About craft weekend-- those girls have no idea how blessed they are about to be to get some time with you!! Have a BLAST!!

Angel said...

Eeek! I can't beleive you are going to Meg's!!! So jealouse. Take tons of pics. Whish I was going too. Your banners look lovely.

Angie said...

So much fun Sarah! Great craft idea, and I love your comments:)