Monday, February 27, 2012

Then and Now

I've carried a wallet size of this photo in my purse for years.  I can't get over how little they were.  At the time, Graham seemed so old to me because he was the oldest, but look at him... he's just a baby.  Well, isn't anything below the age of 5 a baby?  And Samuel's cheeks, where are they now?  This was one of the last pics where Asher had all of his teeth.  Shortly after, they had to pull one of his front teeth.  And Jopie, he was hanging out, like he always did.  Not making one sound.
[Christmas 2006]

[Thanksgiving 2011]

Now they are an older-looking bunch.  On the brink of when they will begin entering, one by one, that awkward preteen stage.  I don't feel ready for that.  But I guess I wasn't ready for 4 kids, 4 and under.  Or 5 kids, 6 and under.  His mercies were new every morning during that stage.  I'm excited to see what He has to teach me in these next years.  

So blessed to be raising these boys.


Danell said...

Lucy saw me reading this post and said 'eww momma, look at their toes!' :D I told her boys don't mind dirty toes;)

Sarah said...

So sweet.

Krista Sanders said...

I love the toes too. ; ) I quit trying with B--AND J, because they both would rather be barefoot than anything. I love that I have seen them all at these stages. Darling handsome boys.

TJ Wilson said...

ok, I loved the toes, too. and that the sofa still looks awesome. every one of those smiles melt me.