Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photo Friday XV: Randomness from the week

I am very proud of this... single-handedly dressing all these boys for baseball.

On the way to church.  I apologize for the super fake smiles.  I think this was taken at 7:45, when no mother should have their camera out.  But aren't they sweet looking in their Sunday best?

Thanks to a dear friend turning 40, Chris and I got to dress up for a fabulous 1940's party.  Who said bridesmaids dresses couldn't be worn again?

I just love to see my boys reading books, especially when it is not forced.

And I love this, when he scrunches his shoulders as he smiles.


Anne said...

What a cute bunch o' boys in their uniforms and Sunday best! :)

Chris does know his hat was on backwards, right? :) You guys look good.

nikki said...

love g's pen tucked in his shirt on sunday morning...always prepared!

Krista said...

These are GREAT! Sunday am is priceless AND reality! All kids have "that" smile. You looked SMASHING in that dress. I have sweet pics for you!