Monday, September 6, 2010

Cousin Fun, Texas Style

We had a beautiful week together.  It was refreshing having some girls in the house.  We did give all the boys a stern reminder to pee with the bathroom door shut.  We certainly didn't want to traumatize these innocent girls.  Mary and Elsa are wonderful about coming into our world.  They stepped right into baseball card trading, bowling, laser tag, and swimming EVERY day.  I think they went home exhausted, or at least I was, from our days of fun in the sun.  Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma, for bringing the girls to us this week.  I think this could become a wonderful tradition.  Hint, hint.  Now, let the photos begin...

Meet Elsa.  She is the oldest cousin.  By 2 minutes.

And Mary.  Sweet smile.

Sonic happy hour.  I think we did this 4 times.  The only time my kids get their "own fun drink" is from 2-4:00 pm at the local Sonic.

Watching video clips from camp.

#1 reason why I love Elsa.  She organized my silverware drawer.  She also asked me no less than 10 times if she could do something to help.

And Mary.  She played with Joseph like this for hours.  And I do mean HOURS!  Thank you, Mary, for loving your littlest of cousins.

A typical moment.  That picture that is randomly showing up in the slideshow is one of my favorite photos ever.

Another moment.  Notice how shiny my floors are.  I have NEVER mopped them.  Ever.  So I guess that goes to show that mopping is unnecessary.  That makes me love this photo even more.

"Aunt" Judy celebrated her 27th birthday.  Cupcakes had to be made.

A typical afternoon at Sallie and Judy's pool.  Amazing.  One night we swam in the dark and made s'mores.  Thank you for letting us take over your back yard, girls!

Rangers vs. Twins.  The cousins were divided here.  The hype of the game might have been more fun than the actual game.  They all spent hours making posters and flags.  

Bowling and laser tag.  So fun.

Crazy hair.  We have had lots of inquiries about Cry Cry's hair.  When will he get the Wolfe buzz?

Sweet Sammies night.  Yes, we did take 7 children here at about 9:00, and walked around until about 10:30.  We did get some looks like, "what are you doing here at this hour with all of those children?"  But these poor home schooled children need some socializing.  So this is how we do it, stroll them by bars at 10:00 pm.  They WILL be ready for college!

Mary and Asher.

Elsa & Samuel

The whole gang.

Isn't that sweet?

The Bademan/Wolfe cousins.

It was a great week.  Let's do it again soon!


Ali said...

Would you mind doing a post on great boy gifts and toys!?!


~ Ali

Tess said...

I just saw this post -- so cute! I have to show the girls. They will be tickled to see their photos here. They had a ball -- Now I want to know --when do I get to go to Texas, too?!

Krista said...

Ok-- wow. What great pictures and sweet girls. How did you DO all that?????? No wonder you used the word exhaustion.
You are too funny. One-- what was the random picture on the computer and two-- your floors! Buy a dog and they will never look that way again.