Friday, August 20, 2010

Photo Friday XII, 10:26

It's 10:26 at my house.  We just finished breakfast and chores.  Now we are about to do school.  Before I called the troops, I walked around the house to find out what they were doing.

Well, it's not too exciting, folks.  But that is a moment of a day in the life of us.  It's these little peaceful moments that make life sweet, isn't it?


kellie b said...

you are a great mom sarah...precious boys!

leslie bannister said...

You are blesses, the fruits of your labor and patients are well seen in your boys character and even in play! Miss you and love seeing this even being so far away!

Krista said...

Ok-- not fair! Where is the mess? Where is all the STUFF? How did you teach them to play so "cleanly"?
Great idea, Sarah!