Monday, August 16, 2010


Well, we are home.  Yesterday when I loaded up the kids to head for Costco, Jopie started to break down, "no Mommy, it's too far to Costco."  All his little brain could process is that every time we get in the car, we don't get out for another 10 hours.  Poor guy!

We had an AMAZING week at camp.  Hooray for Kanakuk!  I was not a "kamper" there, or a staffer, so this was my first experience, and it was a fantastic one.  It really exceeded my expectations.  I expected it to be great because it was 6 days of no cooking, swimming, activities, and mornings when ALL the kids were in childcare.  What I wasn't expecting is that this wasn't really childcare.  This was no church nursery.  You dropped them off into a room of college students who were ready to love on them.  And as I walked through camp, you would see them out doing activites all over the camp.  And for the older ones, they were hanging out with a gang of really great students who took them to do amazing things, things I never would have done when I was their age.  They came back with great stories of things they had done, fears they had conquered, and truths they had learned.  As a mother, I feel like I can tell when people tolerate your kids with a smile, and when people truly love hanging out with your kids.  Well, these students went above and beyond.

Did I mention that we got to experience camp with the families that introduced Chris and I?  That was icing on the cake of the whole experience.  The Boldmans, along with their TWELVE children, and the Thompsons, with their NINE children were there.  We got no props for having five this week.  We were amateurs.  I only wish I would have tried to organize a picture with all the kids, but it just didn't happen.  Maybe next year...

Doing the ropes course on the first day.  I thought I was so cool for being brave, until my 7 and 8 year old did it later that week.

We verbally agreed to be guardians of their 12 children if that cable gave way.  The "Screamer Swing" is named for obvious reasons.

Trading silly bands.  'Cuz everyone was doing it.

Techie night (Is it bad that we could wear our regular clothes and throw on a pair of glasses?)

Graham participating in a game during Ninja night.

He is a very scary ninja.

Date night.  Including Mrs. Merrill (Lori's mom), 31 kids were birthed from these people, well, from the women.  The guys had their part too, but I don't need to mention the details of that here.

What these two do a lot of.

Two of my favorite mothers here.  Niki (in the middle) is my dearest friend from Moody.  When I first met her, she really bothered me, which is a sure sign that we were to be the best of friends.  Southern girls used to bother me too, and now I just love them.  I also used to make fun of home schooling.  Is there a pattern here?

A father/son talk before jumping off a 31 foot tower.  I would be crying too.  Did I mention that the water they are jumping into is about 50 degrees?

'Cuz I'm free, free falling.

Graham after his jump.  I somehow didn't get a photo.  Sorry Graham!

Rebecca, we miss you!  This taken on Christmas night... so festive.

A typical late night at the Bambo Bean.  Love those dollar ice cream cones!

Asher on the zipline.  I was so proud of him.  He found his bravery this week.  He recently overcame his fear of car washes, and now he is jumping off towers and ziplines.

That sweet smile.  Love him.

He was barely big enough to do the zipline but he wanted to be "big," like his brothers, and do something really daring.  He doesn't look too happy about it here.  He didn't cry, just very stoic . . .  all the way down.  

Go Samuel!

Maybe they have a future together.  Watch out Samuel.  She has 8 brothers and one overprotective father!

Watch out, Mr. Boldman.  I will grow up to be irresistible to your daughter.

This is why we get along.  So many common interests.  Except it's not fair when a mother of 12 kids is skinnier, tanner, and more fit than me.  Michelle Duggar has nothing on you, Lori, except denim jumpers and 7 more kids.

Quote from a laughing Jopie:  "Mommy, I love Becca more than you."

Poor Cry Cry, he got the stomach flu mid-week.  He wanted to swim so badly, but just didn't feel so good!


More water.

Best of friends.

The last morning.  The boys with some of their favorite girls.

It was a great week.  It was a great vacation.  But I was ready to get home, ready to sleep in my own bed.

And I think he felt the same way.


nikki said...

thought i would have to wait until friday to see this- so glad you posted today...okay, i want to go next you were right- amazing! ps- samuel is blond now????

Krista said...

AMAZING!!!! Oh my gosh, your captions are hysterical. Yes-- what happened to Samuel's hair??? Love it and can I borrow your skirt in the boat picture? Hmmm.....southerners. That explains a lot.