Monday, August 9, 2010

Photo Friday, I mean Monday, XI: Cousin Photo Shoot

I tried to get this out Friday, but the internet access at my parent's house was not quite successful.  I now write this from Kanakuk Family Camp.  It has been fabulous.  I will update and show pics about that later, but for now, here are the last group of pictures from Minnesota.  My parents live in a little town called Northfield.  When you drive in, there is a sign that says, "Northfield, Town of Cows, Colleges, and Contentment."  It is a dreamy little town, full of, well, cows, colleges, and contentment.  We tried to capture some of that in these photos.

These are the cooperative children.

Baby Cry Cry really did not want to stand in a line for any longer than 5 seconds, so this is the best we have.

Then it became the Cry Cry show.

And the rest followed his bad example.  A bad apple spoils the whole bunch.  Or a bad corn cob spoils the whole field.

My five guys (get it, anyone ever been?  I love the fries!)

My nieces.  Aren't they gorgeous?

That wraps it up.  Camp recap to come soon!


nikki said...

wow...beautiful kids- great scape....wonderful!

TJ Wilson said...

great pictures, S - can't wait to see kanakuk pics this week! your boys are gorgeous, and your words make me laugh. miss you!

Krista said...

So creative-- love the pictures. Five Guys! Yes! One coming to Hulen....