Friday, October 7, 2016

National Park Trip 2016 {Old Faithful!}

We almost didn't do Old Faithful.  It had mixed reviews; some tourists had been under impressed and our time in Yellowstone was limited with SO much to see and explore.  In the end, we decided to stay an extra day in the park.  Our Air BNB host in Cody graciously pushed back our stay a day.  So thankful, and am also grateful that we didn't miss Old Faithful.  It's an icon, an American experience I'm glad we didn't miss.

The cool thing about Old Faithful is the massive amounts of people that are there, all gathered around to watch this geyser erupt.  I mean, every 90 minutes, hundreds of people gather.  I got teary thinking about ALL the people who have gathered to watch this very thing over the history of America.  It made me hopeful that people still care enough, even in our modern, techy age, to bring their families to see this natural phenomenon.  I loved hearing the "ooooh's" and "aaaaahhh's" from all over the crowd.
This picture is entitled, "The fanny pack is back!" ;) 

Waiting... we chose to wait on the opposite side from the crowd because one of the park rangers said it was his favorite place to watch.

Old Faithful Inn in the background.

The spray gets you!

Old Faithful Inn exceeded my expectations as well.  I mean, the LOGS!  Lots of places to sit and enjoy the views.  And it was one of the few places in Yellowstone that had some sort of cellular service.

The architecture, the furniture, loved all of it.

Loved my overpriced iced caramel latte.  Had to document the moment, and once again, the fanny pack.  EVERYONE in Yellowstone was so jealous of my fanny pack! ;)

Even the bathroom floor had to be documented.

Since Old Faithful was the only thing on the agenda for that particular day, we got to have a relaxing evening in West Yellowstone.  We ate at the Three Bears Restaurant, adjacent to our hotel, the Three Bears Lodge.

The Three Bear Lodge was pretty adorable, complete with a "baby bed" that was just right for this one.  

Then we got to walk around the quaint town of West Yellowstone.  It was filled with souvenir shops and restaurants.  Our last night in Yellowstone was a good one.

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sara@augustfields said...

Sarah, this trip looks so amazing! I'm glad you went to Old Faithful and your reflections on it are spot really is so cool to think about a natural part of God's creation that draws so many people to it... and for the record I also own a fanny pack, and love it! :)