Monday, September 29, 2014

Way Too Many Baseball Pictures

I only brought my camera to a couple of baseball tournaments this spring and summer.  I have so many pictures of Asher and Samuel playing baseball, but I have to get a few new ones each season.  I can't believe how big they look when they're playing.  And how much confidence they (sometimes) portray when they're out there on the mound.  There's something about being a baseball mom.  It's a game of many failures and if you are lucky enough, some moments of glory mixed in.  It's hard to watch your little boy fail, and so much fun to watch him succeed. 

 I sure do love these two.  They work hard at this game.  They love this game something fierce.  And I, as their mom, I love to watch them play.

And just to make me cry, I have to include some pics of them playing when they were little guys.

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Rebecca Thomas said...

Some of those pictures look like they could be on their baseball cards!