Thursday, June 26, 2014

Saying Good-bye

My parents spent a couple of months living with us this winter.  They are becoming snow birds, leaving the cold, wintery frozen tundra of Minnesota and spending those harsh, winter months with us.  It's a wonderful time for all of us.  My parents get to experience a bit of our chaos.  My kids get the individual attention that they don't always have.  I am able to retreat to run an errand or hit Starbucks by myself more than I often than I normally do.  

But all fun must come to an end and it's hard to say good-bye.  
As you can tell, Samuel already very unhappy in this picture.

A comforting hand from an older brother… I love this picture.

I think it's good that they're so sad.  It's good to be missed.  I remember being so exited when my grandparents would come and visit.  And being so very sad when they left.  

Thanks for blessing us this winter, Mom and Dad!  Come back again soon :)


Jen said...

that is so sweet! It is part of life...saying goodbye! and yet so hard to do. What a sweet gift to spend all that time with their grandparents!

TJ Wilson said...

precious. what rich memories - for ALL of you.