Monday, September 30, 2013

Not So Long Ago

I can't get over how fast time is going these days.  We went from a family with lots of little boys to a family of lots of medium size boys in no time at all.  And soon we'll be a family of lots of teenage boys.  Yikes!  I'll need to make an investment in air freshener.  So this post is flashback to a time, not so long ago, when we were a family of much littler boys.
Jumping off the tower at Kanakuk.  Such a brave boy.  He had just turned seven.

When they were all little.  They were seven, six, four, two and 9ish months.

Just some little boys after a game.

Now they are too old to play like this, but it sure was cute when they were three.

This smile and those ears coming out of his hat.  I want to go back and squeeze him.

That smile of pure joy.

This moment is worth sharing with you one more time.

He was funny even back then.

He used to take naps in our closet.  And read books and play with toys while we did some school in the morning.  This picture makes me want to cry the most.  I miss having a baby.

The bond between these two.

These two won a World Series together.

This was one of the last pictures of him where he still looks like a little boy.

His television watching position and chubby fingers.

Playing a favorite game called Daddy Bull.

Graham, our Minnesota lover, and lover of all things cold.

 Baby Samuel, age five, and the cutest little boy named Samuel there ever was.

This motherhood thing is bittersweet.  How can we simultaneously be glad they are healthy and growing, and sad to see their baby-ness fade?  I've enjoyed (most) every moment.  But as I look at these pictures, I want to dive into every one and give each boy a big hug. 

Including the one with mustard on his shirt.


Unknown said...

Grace is now 13 and turned a corner this summer as far as her need for me. Lots less of mom and lots more of friends. I cried a lot about it this summer. It was a hard one.

TJ Wilson said...

Your photos are just amazing. We love those little boys behind the smiles and smirks. Including the one with mustard.

Krista Sanders said...

Oh wow-- so so sweet. Darling little guys. I LOVE Chris' face in that one. I've seen that one a few times... ; )

AmyMak said...

Googling "pack of wolves" brought me to this blog and I just wanted to tell you I love the blog title and I also love the pictures of your BOYS! So many of them - and you can tell that you love them so much. Yes, motherhood is so bittersweet. I'm constantly trying to enjoy the moment rather than be sad about growing up :)

Rebecca Thomas said...

Miss those little guys, but the big kids they are becoming are just as cool! Hope to see you soon!