Monday, September 9, 2013

Family Vacation {The Minnesota Part}

From family camp, we hopped in the car and headed straight for Northfield, Minnesota.  When you enter Northfield, there's a little sign that says, "Northfield:  Home of Colleges, Cows, and Contentment."  It's a good summary of what this town has.  It's lovely, peaceful, and, well, full of colleges and cows.
This is right before the kid's ceremonial run down the hill into Grandma and Grandpa's backyard.  

We got to see Uncle Bryan preach twice.  Definitely a highlight.  

Discussing great theological truths over the best pizza place in St. Paul.

These cousins and their fondness for each other is the greatest.

Chris was in Texas for our two weeks here, so I figured it was my responsibility to get their energy out.  We exercised most every morning.  It was cool and crisp in the morning.  Loveliness after being in the Texas heat all summer long.

Even he joined me and ran for a 1/2 mile one day.

Mostly, he wanted to walk and collect bugs

They run for treats.  I run for coffee treats.

Eating outside.

Eating in the garage.

Samuel got a new Twins shirt!  His favorite team.

Beaches galore.

Superman antics everywhere we go.

A wonderful day with the Palms where the kids settled and peacefully built these sand tunnels for hours so Tarrah and I could talk.

More Mall of America fun.  And a shout out to Caribou Coffee for their $2 cold drinks after 2:00.

And a little stop at IKEA.  Don't you love this mirror?

Mom had a groupon for the local roller rink.  This is the same one I skated it when I was their age.  It's a little eerie... how much it looks exactly the same.  I took this pic to send to a friend who I used to go there with.

There's lots of great bike trails.

Isn't it peaceful?

My bike riding pal that morning.

Time with Graham on another morning.  He's so old.  How is he so grown up?

Back to school shopping with the girls.  It was fun to look at girls stuff.  But so much more overwhelming.  Boys don't have outfits.  Boys have shorts and t-shirts.  Or t-shirts and jeans.  Or for church a polo shirt and khakis.  This is way more complicated.

The girls thought I needed these shoes.  I said I agreed and that they would be very practical home school mom shoes.

And then we all headed home.  ALL the way down Interstate 35.
Here's some fun with hand dryers at the Iowa rest stop.

Iowa has the nicest rest stops EVER.  So clean and awesome.  This is our little picnic.

And a group shot of us on the road.  We stopped in KC to see some good friends, and unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that.  But that stop made our trip so easy.  They had dinner waiting for us, and a trampoline to jump on, and a big basement to sleep in (that is full of fun toys... perfect after a long day in the car).  Thanks Rothwells!

We did some more of this.  I still love those headphones.  

And this is why I love Oklahoma.  They are so encouraging.  I wasn't feeling like I was looking good in my Transformer t-shirt, but they said I was.  Thanks, OK!

And thanks for being patient and looking at all of my vacation pics.  I have some pics on my big camera too, and hopefully, I'll share those later.


Rebecca Thomas said...

You are doing way better at getting your pictures up on your blog than me. I still haven't finished recapping our vacation from May! Maybe I may do an abbreviated version of the rest soon!

Also, that mirror is cute! I like it!

Liz said...

I think I recognize that sanctuary that Bryan was preaching in! My brother goes there now!

Krista Sanders said...

Loved all of these and the last one STILL being my favorite. Your quips are the best. ; )