Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Five on the 5th {August}

I probably should change the name of my "Five on the 5th" posts to "Let's post a photo of my five boys whenever I get around to it."  But I won't because at least this is keeping me accountable to get all the boys in a picture once a month.  So that's saying something, right?
This one was taken in Lubbock, Texas.... the cotton capital of the world.  It's a mural that is in a random part of town.  The boys were NOT feeling photogenic at all, but we got a picture, and really, this is how they normally look.  Their little stances.  Who would have thought that 5 kids from the same parents could all be so very different, and BE so different?


Niki said...

Every time you post one of these, I realized another month has gone by that I have not done the same! The difference between you and me - you eventually get it done, me never. You are my family photo hero!!!

Sarah said...

They are so different! I love that. And can't you see this same photo in 10 years? They will all be so tall and maybe not have that perfect little slant from oldest to youngest...but let's not think about that yet! :) Hope you are having a good summer...thinking of you!

Krista Sanders said...

Love it-- very creative.