Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Asher's 10th

Asher is an easy kid to please.  He gets excited about lots of things.  And so when his birthday comes around, all I have to do is get some of his favorite things and he is beside himself.  I love that about him.
 He loves all things mango and kiwi, so he was super happy to wake up to these treats that were all his own.  When you have four brothers, just having something to yourself is a treat.

A Cry Cry photo bomb

Jopie helped pick out these Ranger pants for him.

Instead of a party, he wanted to go to the Ranger game with his dad, just the two of them, with nicer seats.  Chris happily obliged.  They went a couple days before his birthday so on the actual day, we did some laid back fun things.

Ran some errands.

We went to see a movie with friends.  Do you see the birthday boy?

This one is getting so big and has a big birthday coming up that I've already cried about at least 10 times.  But we'll talk about that later.

That night, we had a few families over for apple crisp (because nothing says July 1 like apple crisp?!).  It was Asher's request, so it's what we had, with mango sorbet on the side.

There's not much I love more than a mess of kids pulled up to my counter.

Blowing out the candles on his birthday crisp.

That sweet face.

And that was it. 

 Now I have two kids in the double digits.  I'm not sure how this happened but it did.  Just yesterday I was lugging them around in a double stroller, and this morning Asher and I jogged a couple of miles together.  It's like I blinked and we are here.

Here he is one day old.

And at three months.  

At four years.

Just before Cry Cry was born.

Five years.

And this is how he's looking these days.  

Happy birthday sweet boy!  You are loved.


alexander said...

Happy birthday to Asher! Precious boy

Niki said...

Mangoes are my favorite too! He is a sweet boy. I love all the photos.

Krista Sanders said...

sweet sweet sweet
Your posts makes me thankful for cameras... again.