Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kanakuk Family Kamp {Summer 2011}

I can't begin blogging about the beginning of our school year without finishing out a few things from this summer.  We (very last minute) hopped in the car and headed to Kanakuk for the last term of family kamp. Just like last year, it was lovely.  The staff were great.  The food was great.  The kids were loving every minute of it.  And so did Chris and I.  We opted out of the speaker (who we heard was great, btw) and I spent my mornings doing home school planning while sipping coffee.  Chris spent his mornings exercising and hanging out with me while I sipped coffee and did home school planning.  My friend from college, Niki, and her family were there with us.  They have nine kids and it was so much fun to vacation with them.  Where else can you vacation when there's 14 kids between two families and still leave feeling rested?  Sadly, I didn't get a picture of all of our kids together.  I actually didn't carry around my camera around too much.  I did that last year.  This year I wanted to enjoy the moments without worrying about photographing them.  Not that I don't enjoy the moment when I do have my camera... I think you know what I mean.

Here are some moments I did get...

Military Camo Night.

Very serious.

Very serious about his beverages.

The boys loved the game room.

I think it's their competitive nature.

"K"SPN Night.  This was an easy night to outfit as we have no shortage of sports attire lying around the house.

Pool time.

Lots of pool time.

Perfect example of how the staff have fun with your kids.

Asher conquered the high dive.


The high dive.

Jopie managed to be the cutest 4 year old at Kamp.  In my humble opinion.

Ropes course with Daddy.  Loved seeing my boys work together.

Graham and Asher on the screamer swing.  I don't think it's appropriately named.  
I think it should be named the "mess up your equilibrium for the day" swing.

But it didn't seem to bother them one bit.

So fun.

Something about that smile...

Or his fake smile.

Hillbilly night.  For some reason, my boys look more like outlaws.

Except these two.  They're far too cute to be outlaws.

Cow tipping.

Chicken throwing.


Rock.  Paper.  Scissors.

Mallory, the girl who was asked to sit at our table most often.

Sawyer, who Cry Cry loved the most.

Our matchy matchy towels.  Classic Kanakuk... towels and swimsuits hanging from the cabananas.  A sure sign that fun was had.

Even Mr. Grumpy Pants Cry Cry.

Thanks for a great week Kanakuk and Staff!


Melissa said...

Ok you said you didn't have your camera but YOU DID. and you caught some great moments. I think we need to find ourselves a family camp as well...

Krista Sanders said...

I can’t even comment on all those adorable pictures. Wowzers. You captured it girl. (Except YOU!) KK needs your photographs. Makes me want to go!!

nikki said...

wow....this was fun to look at!!! it looks like an amazing time- so glad you guys got to do it again!!

Brent and Keri Osterberg said...

Oh so cute as always! I love all your boys!

Niki said...

I can't believe, well actually I can, we didn't get a pic of our families together, or at least of us. It would have been a challenge, but fun.

Niki said...

I can't believe, well actually I can, we didn't get a pic of our families together, or at least of us. It would have been a challenge, but fun.