Friday, September 2, 2011

Cousin Week

We're right in the middle of our 2nd Annual Week-Before-School-Starts Cousin Week.  
We've been doing lots of crafts, board games, swimming, cooking, and eating out at fun local places.
Last night we were at In N Out Burger.  So good.  I'm a fan already after eating there twice.
We were sitting next to a group of college-aged boys (are they boys or men?).
My mom says to me about the one sitting right beside her, "I think I know him."  I inwardly roll my eyes at my 65 year old mother who thinks she knows some random college kid in Fort Worth.  In true Joyce fashion, she begins to ask him if they know each other.  "You look so familiar.  Do you know so and so?  Do you have any family in Minnesota? etc"
His friend pipes up and says, "He was on television.  Do you watch American Idol?"
It was Tim Halperin.  

Sorry for doubting you, Mom.
You were right and I was wrong.

More Cousin Week pics to come.


Amy said...


thethomfamlee said...

We were there last night sad we missed you guys. It could have been a cousin, friend, party!

nikki said...

ahhhhh! that's great!!! heard she saw a couple other celebrities at smash burger- look forward to reading that post!

nikki said...
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TJ Wilson said...

ok, first of all, i want to know what the deleted comment was... your moms?? and second, that is hil-arious.