Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ULL White

I'll give you the same warning as before.
If you don't like seeing Asher pictures, this post is not for you.
Like Samuel, he was always excited to get into his uniform.

Warming up.

He played pitcher and 2nd the most.

Sometimes he sat the bench.

Batter up.

Getting on base is much harder in the All Star season.  Pretty much if you hit a pop fly, they catch it.  
If you hit a grounder to the infield, you're thrown out.  

It took some getting used to. 

A privilege to be his mommy.

A good bunch of boys and coaches.

And to conclude... a few brother shots.

And one of Cry Cry.
He's thankful to have a break from baseball.
Thankful to spend more days at the pool instead of the ballpark.


Krista Sanders said...

Love all these-- impressed by how WHITE his pants are!! Great one of Nathan last-- goggles!!

nikki said...

loved all of these pics- but the last one stole the show. i'll need that in a 50x50 for above my fireplace...amazing.