Friday, March 18, 2011

Guns, snakes, & golf

Last weekend, while I was organizing, Chris and the three oldest went on a father/son weekend in West Texas.
West Texas has a distinct landscape.

Such cute boys in their hats.

A sweet father/son pair.

The boys were given riflery lessons.  His first time shooting.

My little men.

He eats this stuff up.

If I had to guess, he was a little scared.

Dads hanging out.

The landscape.  A little prickly.  Did I mention that Sweetwater is the rattlesnake capital of the world?  For real.

And my boys arrived a little late, when all the beds in the house were taken.  Guess where they got to sleep?  Guess who didn't sleep?  (that would be Chris).

They loved riding down the hills in these wagons.

What's not to love?  (Side note:  Graham hit our van with one of these.  The last father/son trip, Chris's phone, keys and wallet were lost at the bottom of a river.  These trips are becoming very expensive).

Standing behind the orange line while others are shooting.  Good idea, dads.

This picture looks very Texas.  The truck, man in cowboy hat, the gun, the brown, brushy stuff.

This stuff is Graham's element.  This smile makes my mother heart glad.

And to top off the boy weekend, they stopped at the Rattlesnake Roundup.  It's a famous event in Sweetwater, Texas.  Chris said it was PACKED!

Who wouldn't want to be in place with rattlesnakes everywhere?

He looks like a man who loves snakes.

From that to playing golf with Papa.  Quite the transition.  They clean up well, don't they?


Emily said...

The comment about the man who loves snakes made me laugh out loud! still it!!!!

Chandra said...

I too am enjoying laughter outloud at 7:37am about the man who looks like he loves snakes.

That little Asher always has his arm around his brothers in pictures. I really think he would be great for my Ainsley. She's a little serious about life sometimes. Needs a good-time guy.

How cute would that be - Asher and Ainsley? They could give their kids A names. Don't deny it, it looks good on paper.:)

Krista said...

Even though your pictures are always amazing - but not sure who took these-- it's your captions that get my biggest reactions. I LOVE YOUR HUMOR!! Looks like they had a ball!

Golden Gang said...

Sarah, I LOVE your blog. Your personality just cracks me up! I look foward to reading more of it in the future. :)
We were blessed by our time at Calvary Bible. :)


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