Monday, November 1, 2010

Home School Gym

The weather here this past month has been picture perfect, making up for the oppressive heat of the summer.  I try not to think about the autumn I am missing out on in the great north full of apple orchards, bright fall colors, and hot drinks that steam because the air is cold.  But knowing that we can spontaneously play outside like this all winter partly makes up for it.

Team Cowboys.

Team Vikings.

Discussing the rules.  This part is taken very seriously at our house.


Action shot.  Look at the fall foliage we get in Texas (see it there on that little tree).

I think there might have been a rule violation.

Little did I know that Cry Cry was inside the house eating chocolate cupcakes off the counter.  I think this was his 3rd.  He prefers chocolate to exercise.


lisa harding said...

such great shots! your guys always look so happy. (and I'm with Cry Cry.... pass the cupcakes!!)

Heidi said...

Football is life for us. My boys are always playing. So fun- the jerseys! Are some of them on another team? They look incredible and I love that they all play together. What a gift brothers are.

Krista said...

I saw these last week and LOVED them. The last picture/comment made me laugh out loud!!

Julie Ann Fee said...

sweet babies. i love your boys.