Monday, November 15, 2010

Photo Friday XIX: Facing the Giants.

The Giants.  The Mighty Giants.  We had quite a season (so did the SF Giants against the Rangers, boo!).  We were first place at the end of regular season play.  Then there was one playoff game we almost lost 3 times.  We played 3 extra innings.  As the home team, we had to match whatever points they scored.  It was so intense, this mother had to walk away for awhile, telling myself (out loud) that this is just little league and whether or not they win or lose does not matter in the grand scheme of things.  When I came back, they had won.  Problem solved.  Ultimately they lost in the championship game.  Asher burst into tears.  Graham was solemn and quiet.  We had been telling them all season, that win or lose, we do everything, including baseball, to show the world what God is like.  That's a hard reality to grasp when you are a very disappointed 7 & 8 year old boy.  But maybe one day it will sink in.  Here are some photo highlights...

An extra-fun Saturday when such important people in their life come to watch.

This was taken after all the tears.  Hard to muster up smiles for 2nd place.

Best buds.  Teammates.

It was a great season, boys!

This is where he spent most of baseball season.

And this is our bathtub after a night at the fields.


Anne Shaw said...

Please tell the boys congratulations on a great season! And tell them that Pastor John would have loved to watch a few of those games! And congrats to Mom and Dad on surviving the season! :)

Krista said...

Ha! The tub.
Great pictures and such serious boys! VERY fun season.
And Nathan was reaching for Julia....

Angel said...

They are adorable! Say, what's a good age to start them in baseball. Just thinking ahead for my Sam.