Thursday, May 20, 2010

photo friday, eight years later.

Back in the day, when Graham was a baby... when only a handful of us had a digital camera, I had a 1.0 megapixel digital camera on my video camera. I started a tradition called photo friday (I would call it foto friday, but those kind of mispelled alliterations really annoy me). Anyway, I emailed a photo or two of sweet baby Graham to some family and friends. I later printed out these blurry photos and put them in a book. Of course, none of the other boys had a photo friday book. It all went out the window when I had more than one child. This is my attempt to make it up to the other four boys. Let's see how long this tradition lasts. I am hoping that these photos can capture a sampling of what the week was like for our family. Check back next Friday for more.


nikki said...

love foto friday!!!
that pic of cry cry with the helmet is awesome.

Sallie said...

Sarah, this is fabulous! Great Pics... the Photo Friday thing is genius! And good writing. Keep it up.
I agree with Nikki about the pic of "Mista KriKri" . Judy says this is how to spell his hip hop rapper name.

Niki said...

I remember Photo Friday.