Monday, August 10, 2015

Casual Beach Pics {Isle of Palm 2015}

ALL of the Roembke clan in one photo
(minus Eric, we missed you, Eric!)
It was an epic vacation.  So many families together under one roof, in a beautiful location, right outside Charleston.  I want to go back!

{Greeting the beach... so happy to be here}

This was our first beach vacation.  I think I wondered why we hadn't done this sooner about a hundred times that week.  I regretted that I didn't have pictures of my boys when they were little, their chubby hands and feet covered in sand.  Live and learn, I guess... now I know I want to take my little kids and and their kids on beach vacations (did I just say that?... that makes me feel very old!)

There's really no needed captions for these pictures.  I had a hard time taking pics on this trip with my big camera.  It is SO humid there, and even though I kept my big camera on the porch for most of the trip, sometimes I forgot, and then the pics are kinda foggy. 

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