Monday, October 27, 2014


I'll save all of my sentimental thoughts and just share some adorable photos from Nathan's sixth birthday weekend.  
Yes, we all can agree with the fact that he is pretty darn cute.  

We had a few friends over for lunch after church.  When I say a few, I mean about 50.  As of Saturday at noon, there was only six people coming.  I panicked because Nathan was expecting lots of friends, and once again, I didn't plan ahead very well (such is the story of my life!).  So I invited a few more, and then people who said they couldn't come at first texted and said they could come.  We had a Chipotle inspired lunch and cupcakes.  It was easy and fun.  
But most importantly, this guy felt very loved.

The singing was LOUD!

Nathan with a couple of his favorite girls.

Presents!  He did ask me to tell everyone to bring him a present.  I didn't, of course, but I thought it was very cute (and rude) that he thought it was appropriate to ask.

The boys with Grandpa… fun to have him here to celebrate.

His actual birthday was the next day.  He requested oatmeal (????) for breakfast.

He ate outside in his new birthday costume.

I'll be sad when Lego building isn't a part of birthdays around here.

We ate at Cracker Barrel for dinner.

Pancakes and eggs and sausage for the kids.  Chris and I shared the grilled chicken tenderloin.  Graham always gets the shrimp.  A little known fact, I used to work at Cracker Barrel.  I worked every Friday and Saturday night during nursing school.  What an exciting life I led!

Anyway, sweet Nathan, you are a JOY to our family.  I don't want to talk about how I feel about you being six.  But even when you are THIRTY SIX, you'll always be my baby.
Love you, Cry Cry.

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nikki said...

That was such a great day...loved how you threw together a party for 50💛 grateful for you...and cry cry.