Monday, July 7, 2014

He can't possibly be 11.

Every July, his birthday creeps up on me.  I think it's because June only has 30 days (30 days hath September…).  His birthday is July 1st, but he was supposed to be born in the middle of June, but he insisted coming at his very own pace.  I was induced a full two weeks late and out came Asher, all 9 pounds, 5 ounces of him.  He couldn't have looked any more different than his brother Graham.  They still hardly look like brothers… so different in looks and personality.  

We are so blessed to have Asher in our family.  He's that kid that everyone likes to be around.  Or at least I do.  He's content to do what you like to do, but also has interests of his own.  The Rangers have disappointed him this year, so every morning he tells me how long their losing streak has been and who else is on the injured list.  He also asks me what kind of homemade ice cream we might make that night.  And he also might tell me that it's Wednesday and today is the last day to get grapes for 99 cents at Sprouts.  He then might meander into the piano room and try to play by ear some song he heard on the radio.  He has many interests, this kid.  I love that I get to spend my days with him and his brothers, watching these little boys become young men.  Soon (these years are passing so quickly) they will be grown men ready to make a life of their own, and I can't imagine it without a tear in my eye.  But I know when it happens, I will embrace that too.  

Back to his birthday.

Asher is easy to celebrate because he tells you what he wants to do.  His tastes are simple and he finds joy in the little things.  

Like free smoothies...
A good way to start his birthday on the way to swim team. 

Daddy showed up to be with him.  Everyone says Asher is a spitting image of his dad, lucky guy.  

Opening up a fun box from Grandma and Grandpa.

Asher requested a salad bar and wild rice soup for his birthday dinner.  I said he could invite four families over to celebrate (even four families ended up being 29 people!).  It was fun to watch him decide who to pick… his little mind going back and forth.   I was a little worried not everyone would enjoy the salad bar, but surprisingly the kids loved it.  I think they liked choosing their own toppings.  And I made homemade ranch, which is essential to any salad bar with lots of people under the age of 12 going through it.   

I aways love my kitchen filled with dear friends.  It's my happy place :)

We've been watching The Pioneer Woman on the Food Network so Asher knew he wanted this cake.  It has chocolate, Nutella, strawberries and whipped cream, so you can't really go wrong.  It's worth making.  It was delicious for adults and kids.  I made two of them and just had a little bit left over.  

These images of Asher while we are singing to him are my favorite because he makes these expressions a lot.  I'm glad to have them captured.  

Happy birthday, sweet Asher.  We love you more than you know.


Rebecca Thomas said...

Happy Birthday Asher!!! I was just thinking the other night about how they have all grown so much since I met you guys and it is so hard to believe some days! They are all turning into such good little men! Love you all!

HeidiP said...

Happy birthday, Asher! We sure wish we lived closer to your family! Tate says "Hi!" :)