Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Busy

For anyone who knows my dad, this picture is really quite funny.  I was testing the lighting before we took some family photos a couple of weeks ago.  The paper was a sitting on top of one of my piles of things to frame.  We had a good laugh.

Anyway, it's true.  A beautiful thing is never perfect.  Danielle Burkleo has some lovely and FREE printables on her blog.  This is one of them.  You should check them out.

That little printable somewhat describes my life right now.  We are all busy, but I think this season of life can sometimes be a bit maddening.  I wouldn't trade it, but many of the things I want to do, I don't (not in a Romans 7 kind of way) but more in a "I can't get anything done besides what HAS to be done."  You know the feeling.  I have a list.  It's massive.  But what seems to get done doesn't involve a list.  It looks more like feeding lots of people three meals a day, making sure their nails are clipped, making sure those same people are educated so they can go and make something of themselves one day, taking those same people to all of their activities, occasionally getting a conversation in with a girlfriend or two, attending a Bible study, and most importantly… making marriage a priority in the midst of it all.  All the other stuff is on the back burner.

But, as my dad always says, a beautiful thing is never perfect!  Ha!

Happy Monday :)


Unknown said...

Love this! Love your Dad too! I went to the link you had for the free printables (always looking for the exact kind you posted!!) and it brought me to a blog page regarding couples - which I totally loved and got wonderfully drawn into - but didn't find any link to printables. I'd love to find the one you posted if you could lead me there!? Thanks so much friend! Leah N.

Sarah said...

Leah! Just search "free printables" in her blog search area :)