Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Breakfast Burritos

My friend, Krista, has the most fabulous cookbook around.  It's always my go-to when I'm bringing someone a meal because her recipes are tried, true, and family-friendly.  She's from a small town in Georgia and I just think everything must taste better there :)

This breakfast burrito recipe (obviously... I've written all over it!) has been a favorite in our family for YEARS.  I've made them for several breakfast birthday parties.  I've also made a bunch at a time and frozen them for just our family.  I'm making some this morning for a friend who just brought a little bundle of sweetness home from Ethiopia.  She has three other hungry kids who are not babies and I thought maybe she would enjoy a couple mornings off from cooking breakfast.

You begin by browning sausage, and then adding frozen hash browns.  When it's done, it looks like this.

Then, you crack lots of eggs.  Keep in mind I'm making a quadruple batch here.  You don't have to make a million breakfast burritos if you don't want to.  You can just make a few :)
Scramble the eggs, and add some salt and pepper.  

Do you have these from Trader Joes.  Just $1.99 each and I keep them by my stove... love them.

Then add the eggs to the sausage-potato mix.  Here is the progression of how it will look.  Stir often so your eggs don't get all crusty.  Who likes crusty eggs, raise your hand... I would guess no one.

About half way done.

This is done.

I've grated some cheese.  I prefer to grate my own cheese.  It just tastes so much better than the pre-grated kind.

If you're going to go to all the trouble of making your own breakfast burritos, PLEASE buy good tortillas.  These are from Central Market, but other places sell good tortillas too.  Rosas and Taco Cabana are two of my favorite places to get them because you don't have to get out of your car.  Sometimes that's really important to me.  Plus, as an added bonus, you can ask for a side of salsa to go with your breakfast burritos for FREE.  And I love free.

Then comes the assembly.  I love assembly because I love to do monotonous things.

Roll them up.  Make them pretty if you want to.  I didn't have any purple washi tape for sweet baby Violet, so orange and yellow had to do.

I put the salsa on the side, again, just to keep it family friendly.  Not all of my kids like salsa.
Have you ever had this salsa from TJ's?  It's amazing.  The only salsa from a jar I like.

All ready for delivery!

You can eat them fresh or put them in the freezer to pull out later.  I take them out the night before I'm going to eat them and stick them in the fridge.  They microwave a little better that way.

The recipe is on the first photo.  I think you can read it pretty well there.  You could also make a healthy version and use veggies instead of sausage.  Enjoy!


Rebecca Thomas said...


Allan Newburn said...

Thank you so much sarah! Breakfast does seem to be the hardest meal to get ready with a new baby. You're sweet gift will be enjoyed! Thanks for stopping by yesterday! We loved it!

Krista Sanders said...

I need to start making them again!! Jeff would double love me then!
How I would LOVE to remake that cookbook but I think that will be between my kids in college and first grandbaby-- you think?
I love how you serve your friends!

Alyssa said...

What a great idea!! And that tape is so fun! Lots of great new ideas in this one post!

TJ Wilson said...

Krista brought me a load of these burritos when Hud was born - such a thoughtful gift, bc breakfast is a hard meal to make - not only for a new mom, but anytime in my book. Great pics, such a sweet gift.

Niki said...

Thanks for reminding me of Krista's cookbook and recipe. That will be a hit this fall to be prepared when we start school. Unfortunately, we don't have access to all the wonderful tortillas or jar salsa : ( I did not know you preferred to grate your own cheese. I am the same way. I can seldom bring myself to buy the grated unless it is a ridiculous deal, like nearly free.